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“62% of professionals say their quality of work suffers because they can’t sort information fast enough.”

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Companies, teams, freelancers and academia use Sorc’d to: strengthen articles, proposals, presentations, press releases, blogs, social posts, white papers, cases and more.

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Bob Girolamo, President & CEO of Sorc’d, introduces a better way to create better quality content by easily tracking the sparks that trigger your creativity.

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We’ve been called a time saver, a content creator’s dream, a wonderful team resource and a helpful sales productivity tool. We’re hoping to expand that list.

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Content Productivity:

aggregation, curation and creation

We are overwhelmed with information on a daily basis –
the equivalent to 174 newspapers to be exact.

Sorc’d was created to:
1) help save and organize only the most important pieces of information,
2) recall and use that information to strengthen your own content, and
3) share snippets of digestible-sized information as to not overwhelm one’s mental capacity.

Sorc’d is about efficiency and effectiveness. All of the highly intuitive tools are designed with the end goal in mind – to build stronger content, faster. A browser extension enables you to highlight and organize only the pieces of online content you find interesting, such as in an article, blog, presentation or email. These “snippets” can be filtered by category, tag, post type, favorites or date, and link to their original sources. Recalling and importing snippets – both private and public – can be done with a single click via add-ins, like the one in Microsoft Office, Google Docs or APIs. You can choose to have the original source link built into the snippet or come after it. And, you may create footnotes from links coming after the snippets with a few keyboard shortcuts.

Content Curation

As with many content curation tools, we make it quick and easy for you to build and manage your content, collaborate with your team, and create stronger content more quickly and easily than ever before.

Content Aggregation

Do away with complex software. Our content aggregator platform makes the entire process easy. See why many are calling Sorc’d one of the the best content aggregator apps in 2016!

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