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Clients use Sorc’d to organize content and strengthen articles, proposals, presentations, press releases, blogs, social posts, white papers and more.

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Our suite of productivity tools seamlessly integrate into your existing creation process.


Collect only the most important pieces of information to recall later.

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Add Sorc’d snippets – from within your document window – to strengthen your own content.

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Share snippets with your team or client, and discover new ones from others.

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Making reading and research effective

Whether you consider it research or just daily reading, digesting content is a daily task. Part of the frustration is that there is so much of it. It is hard to remember all of the interesting or important pieces and where you saw them. Bookmarketing is a thing of the past, and copying and pasting wastes time. Use our cloud-based tools to easily clip important parts of content, then easily recall them later to integrate into your content creation – blogs, articles, presentation, proposals, press releases and more.

Relevancy is everything

Let our suite of cloud-based tools do the heavy-lifting for you.

Save what matters

Save only the most important pieces of information from online content or offline documents. All of your “snippets” are organized for later use and automatically link back to the original source for easy citation.

Share what matters

Recall or discover interesting snippets of information to add directly into Office or Google docs or share on social channels with one click. Learn more about how tools easily integrate with your existing process below.

“In any business, time is money, and I was losing both to inefficient information storage and recollection…Sorc’d is a total lifesaver for an agency writer like myself.”

– Matthew Kaplan, Senior Content Manager at Brafton Inc.

Create stronger content, faster

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Content Aggregator Software

Content aggregation has become more common with the amount of data being produced every single day. Some tools are created for the pure purpose of creating content. Many professionals are tasked with the difficult job of organizing and presenting on meaningful content. Those jobs can be quite difficult, especially without the help of effective and proper tools.

Finding useful content aggregator apps

Much like with content, new apps and tools are being created as well. What Sorc’d does is a bit different. Since we understand the process of presenting content in various settings, we created a flexible tool that can be used in a variety of settings, applications, and software programs.

How Sorc’d Works

We make it easy to collect content, collaborate with your team, and create meaningful pieces of information. With the ability to use Sorc’d in both Chrome and Firefox, it’s easier than ever to collect the most valuable information and share them with your team, clients, or to store for yourself.

Tips for using content aggregator tools

Depending on your reason for aggregating content, suggestions will vary. If you are using your content for a business presentation, it may be useful to include other viewpoints of the information you collect. This will show you did your homework and have spent enough time researching for the solution(s) you’re presenting.

If you’re aggregating content for a personal project, you may want to include additional thoughts or reasoning for why you saved that content. This will allow you to quickly understand your mindset when you initially collected the content. If your purposes for content aggregation involve a client or external party, it’s nice to organize your content in a fashion that’s easy to read and digest.

Regardless of your needs, using a content aggregator app will improve your ability to do your job effectively.