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“The majority of professionals say their quality of work suffers because they can’t sort information fast enough.”

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Entire companies, teams, freelancers and academia use Sorc’d to strengthen articles, proposals, presentations, press releases, blogs, social posts, white papers, cases and more.

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We’ve been called a helpful sales productivity tool, a content marketer’s dream, and a time saver.

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Content Curation Software

With how much new data and content is being produced every day, content curation has become more common than ever. The purpose of curating content is to read and organize content into themes or meaningful groups to make sure the content you have gathered makes sense.

Without effective content curation tools, this process becomes quite difficult. Having something like Sorc’d to help with the process can make collecting content and organizing it a breeze.

Recognizing helpful content curation apps

The amount of data created and shared is astounding. Hundreds of millions of emails are sent every minute, thousands of blog posts are published every minute, and millions of pieces of content are shared on social media – every single minute. With that much content being created and shared, having an effective tool for managing and organizing that content can significantly reduce the time you spend on that process.

How Sorc’d Works

We make it very easy for users to collect content, collaborate within a team (if necessary), and create useful information for you to share or recall later.

Sorc’d works in Firefox and Chrome. You can also use it in a variety of applications on your computer as well, including Microsoft Word, Outlook, and others.

Suggestions when using content curation tools

Due to the vast amount of data and jobs requiring content production and organization, your reasons for content curation may differ. Regardless, understanding effective and proper ways to organize your content can make your job that much easier.

When curating content for personal projects, it’s usually helpful to record a few notes about why you thought that content was helpful in the first place. This makes it easy for you in the future.

When gathering content for clients or a team, it’s imperative to provide reasoning and additional details about the pieces of content you collected and stored, especially if you will not be giving the presentation directly to your team or client.

Using a content curation app will make it easy for you to succeed at your job or project.